Abby begins to feel safe@home

A young woman stands on the beach looking crestfallen, the wind blowing her hair wildly.

Abby*, a woman in her early 20’s, came to the Aviva looking for support to overcome a violent relationship. 

“There was once a time when the only thing I looked forward to was the future. It seemed all so scary and pointless. I didn’t dare dream, plan or assume with optimism but focused on getting through another day. I felt unsafe, scared and helpless. I didn’t think anyone could protect me and I certainly didn’t think it would stop.

“If I called [other agencies] I was usually greeted with empathy and a calm voice but no action, or actions taken were slowly processed. When I called Aviva, I don’t remember what I said but I remember your response was one of action. You didn’t see a girl scared, you saw a need of safety and you stepped up.”

Abby’s Family Support Worker quickly made her home safer through our safe@home programme, making her home physically safer and providing a personal alarm to reduce the risk of further harm or intrusion into her home.

“I haven’t had to use Bupa [the personal alarm] but having it and the new locks have made me feel safe and worth saving.  You helped me realise that I am worth saving. 

“You have helped me see a bigger perspective and that is how I am able to now see all that life has to offer. You have helped me dream, overcome and educated me in areas of psychology and safety I have never heard of. I understand myself and others better. 

“Thank you for showing me the beauty in the world! I will look forward, knowing my mistakes don’t define me.”

*Not her real name.