A lip-sync battle? For real?!

UPDATE: Tickets are now on sale! Click here to learn more.


How many times can you try and run a fundraiser and have it thwarted by a pandemic? So far, we’ve scored 3/3 on that front!


But traffic light systems, lockdowns and cancelled gatherings are starting to feel like a distant memory. And so while this story is typed with shaking fingers... we are ready to announce that Lip Sync Battle is scheduled once again! The event is planned for 13 October 2023 at Majestic on Durham Street.


And so, if you’re always singing in the shower or dancing around the kitchen (or office!), this is your chance to show off your skills, for a good cause. It’s also an opportunity for businesses wanting to give back and raise the profile of their organisation (and a great staff social activity to boot).


Money will be raised through ticket sales, sponsorship and voting – all money raised will go directly to Aviva.


Download our info pack.


To sign up for the lip-sync battle, or for more information please contact Eve at Aviva on 027 453 7323, or email community@aviva.org.nz.