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By donating today, your gift will be DOUBLED -  helping us reach the $18,000 target to support Canterbury families in need!

For one week only (until the 21st May 2024), you can double your support. Here's how:

Donate today and your donation will be matched by a pool of generous businesses and individuals. It's super easy and it's doubly effective! 

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But you must donate by 21st May, or before the available matching funds run out – whichever comes first! 

Your support is so desperately needed.

Your donation will support people like Tanya*, who reached out to us as a lifeline for her and her children. 

“People thought Matt was quiet and calm, but I saw a different side of him at home. He spent his time on the couch gaming. There was very little help with the children and a lack of interest in doing things as a family. When things didn't go his way, he'd blow up, become aggressive, throw things in rage, slam doors, and yell at me and the children. It was intimidating and we grew scared to approach him about anything."     - Tanya

Tanya's experience is not uncommon. Across Canterbury, the prevalence of family violence continues to rise at an alarming rate. Calls to our 0800 support line have increased by a staggering 58% in the last year, underscoring the urgent need for our services. 

"A friend suggested I ring Aviva, and in that first conversation, I realised I wasn't imagining things; violence comes in many guises, and this was unhealthy. When Matt got physically violent, I knew things had to change.  

Aviva supported me through one-on-one sessions with an amazing social worker, and then I did a Courageous Steps group programme for women where I learnt about red flags in relationships and how to set boundaries. That's huge for me! The children did the Tamariki Rise programme. I felt so proud when I saw them gaining the confidence to listen to their inner voice if they found themselves in a situation where they didn't feel comfortable."

Thanks to supporters like you, we were able to walk alongside Tanya on her journey to healing and empowerment. Tanya found the support and guidance she needed to reclaim her life and begin a future free from violence. We simply could not have done this without the generous help of our supporters.

How can you help?

Together we can make a difference to families like Tanya's. And up until 21st May 2024, your online donation will be matched - effectively doubling it! All funds raised during our Annual Appeal will directly support services that are otherwise unfunded, services like - our emergency funding for people leaving violence, security upgrades for people’s homes and our 24-hour support line.

Donate today to double your gift - and help us reach our target of $18,000! Together, we can do this!

All money raised goes directly to support families in need. 

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